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Why is Bacon Called “Bacon”?


BACON. It’s the most glorious word in the English language.


But where did it come from?


We’ve done our homework, and while no source reports the linguistic history of the word exactly the same, what follows seems to capture the gist of the word’s history.


“Bacon” actually originated from the Old High German word “bacho”, meaning “buttock”, which actually came from the Proto-Germanic word “backoz” or “bakkon” depending on your source. Of course, this is referencing the back-end of a pig, and we all know that American bacon comes from the hog’s belly. But styles of bacon differ by country, and the word’s origin is in reference to the style of bacon that comes from the hog’s back.


Over time, the word found its way into Old French as “bacun” and Old Dutch as “baken.” From there it moved over into Middle English as “bacoun”, which referenced all cured pork.


From there we dropped the “u”, and “bacon” became the most deliciously beautiful word known to man.


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