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Meet Our Latest Bacon Club Member of the Month

Not long ago we posted a pic of two bacon lovers dressed like The King of Rock ‘n Roll and invited members to share a caption. In the end, it was a simple insider reference to the King that won us over:

David's Quote

We had a chat with David S., this month’s member of the month, so you could get to know your fellow Bacon Clubber better.



Let’s start with the obvious question, David – what inspired your caption?

TCB is the first thing that I think of when referring to the King. He probably would have used it in Graceland while gorging on his favorite sandwich.


What’s your fan-level of The King, 1 being the lowest and 10 the highest?

10 - It’s the King, baby!


Same question as above, but instead of The King, what’s your fan-level of bacon?

Even the King couldn’t resist the enchanting call of BACON…. So is an 11 possible?


Absolutely. 11 it is. What’s your favorite song from The King?

I’ll give you two – “Burning Love” or “Smorgasbord”!


If you could eat bacon with anyone (besides The King obviously), past or present, who would you choose?

I would choose a reflection of ME in a mirror with a pile of bacon, so I could have double the bacon with someone I admire… who won’t steal from my pile.


The King was known for peanut butter, banana and bacon sandwiches. Have you ever tried this creation yourself?

Now you’re talking! Having the peanut butter coat every spot of your mouth with the rest of the ingredients lets the smoky bacon and banana goodness linger, even after the sandwich is long gone.


You clearly know your bacon. What is your personal favorite bacon recipe?

I love strips of bacon covered in brown sugar and baked crispy in an oven (drooling a little just thinking about it).


If you had to choose between getting to have bacon or rock ‘n roll in your life – but you could only have one – which would you choose?

Bacon, of course. If I lost my hearing, I could still get down with that smoky and crispy goodness.


Which song would you rather hear: “Nothin’ But a Bacon Dog” or “Blue Suede Bacon”?

I’d choose “Blue Suede Bacon” because it really ranked up there with another popular hit back in the day – “Piggy Sue Got Married.”




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