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What Bacon Love Looks Like


Not long ago, April Davila and Craig Roush exchanged vows in front of their friends, family, and thousands of fellow bacon lovers at the Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival in Des Moines, Iowa.

There were bacon bouquets, a “frying of the unity bacon” ceremony (and yes, it was Farmland bacon), and a post-ceremony shower of bacon bits.

April and Craig’s relationship began – no joke – in the bacon aisle at their local Hyvee. Years later, they committed to love each other through thick- and thin-cut bacon for eternity. And now all of you are cordially invited to watch their wedding video for a taste of their bacon-wrapped nuptials.

From everyone at the Farmland Bacon Club, we wish April and Craig many years of joy, bacon, wonderful memories, bacon, and of course, more bacon.


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